Nail care basics

Hey people ! 

Sorry didn’t post last night because I had some sleep catching up to do .. But I still managed to change my nail paint , which it turns out my 4 1/2 yr old son doesn’t approve of 😦 
He said “mommy I don’t like your brown nail paint … ” so tonight I change to another color .. 
But, before I applied a nail paint I took off the polish and wanted to show how well the L’oreal nail paint came off.. No bleeding of the paint (some polishes have this problem where at the time of removal , the color spreads out of nails or doesn’t come off the edges well.. But the L’oreal didn’t .. Here, 

I have always used the Sally Hansen base coat and it actually saves my nails from getting discolored from the use of nail paints : 

1.  My most basic nail care routine has been , nail filing .. I don’t use a nail clipper on my hand nails .. The nail clipper leaves the layers of nails uneven that tend to break easy … I have always used a nail file.  I would usually use the ones I get from a local “Harmon Discount Store” for like 99cents .. Goes a long time … 
2. Moisturizer:  For softness, lather petroleum jelly or butter on hands before bed time. I have used quite a few moisturizing lotions, frankly nothing really works. 
3. Exfoliate:  home remedy, coarse grind some white rice, mix in some plain yogurt .. And wash .. Hands feel and look young. 
That’s all .. No skin care routine should take more than 2 minutes .. Because frankly that’s all the time one can afford to put away while taking care of kids and house… Anyone who says skin care routine Takes more than 2 mins .. I’ll pass … 
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