Nail polish crazy

Hey people … 

I was just clearing my makeup closet the other day and I have this box dedicated to my nail paints .. Not a whole lot though, but gets the job done ..during pregnancy i wanted to rest every chance i got cause the second time i had swelling in my legs and feet and hands .. bad back aches and all .. So beauty was my last concern .. Also I have had a pretty much flawless skin all life .. But I developed the “mask of pregnancy”
Towards the last months .. So I really hated looking at myself and didn’t really feel much good ( although my husband says I was never more happy…  I was eating all I wanted day and night and food I LOVE .. But anyways .. ) 
So the point is .. All cosmetics ignored and my many nail paints dried up .. Some were real pretty shades .. And now I started re-loving the nail paints and buying them again .. My mother-in-law , shares the passion but I am more on the psychotic level 🙂 
So, I start searching some pretty shades of nail paints and come across what is called a “nail polish swatch” which is pretty much a fancy name for a “picture and review of a nail polish” 
I have never been too good at applying a nail paint and in all seriousness .. I used to apply nail paint so clumsy that I applied polish 2 days prior to the day I needed to look dolled up .. So that the water during showers and kitchen work would wash off the extra I put on the sides of my fingers nails.. 
Now I am getting better at it …. I plan to take pictures of some of my nail polishes and take a pic after 5 days of wearing it .. Shows If the “no chipping” polish and are actually as claimed … This will help you mommies decide what is really the the truth.. I am literally dropping the phone on my every few mins .. Super sleepy .. I keep falling asleep .. And every time I sleep a few seconds , phone drops . So good night for now… Zzzz zzz zzzz zzzz… 
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