A chain reaction in woman’s life…

Slept pretty late last night, I suppose it was the whole excitement of starting the blog and finally having this freedom of sharing my heart with someone who won’t judge me , question me … You know I have wanted to write for the longest time now but somehow never got to it .. I started researching how to start a blog .. Then got bored and clicked the history of blogging .. Hey they have videos on some blogs !!! … Hmmm .. What’s this video about .. Oh, there is a new Bollywood movie coming.. Look there is gossip about some celebrity .. Yes ! I knew she was a slut (pardon my thought) … Poor guy she dumped !! … ( I would never dump this cute looking guy) .. Now I hate this actress .. Oh! Guess what this guy comes from a history of cheating !! .. What a jerk :@ . Now, I love the actress and hate this guy .. Wonder who all did he date till now .. You know what , I bet they don’t have this in Hollywood ! .. Talking of Hollywood .. What’s this new movie hype all about .. Lets see the trailer .. What’s the latest fashion craze from the movie .. Lets see the makeup tutorial .. More tutorials .. ( thinking : man I gotta post on YouTube , but I am fugly and no one will want to see my video) …

Google: skin care products ..( hey ! They sell it in Macy’s and Nordstrom !! … Guess what , my coupons won’t work on it so its a bit expensive but the reviews say its well worth it …..!!!! ) 
I wake up my husband , ( its past midnight ) .. I tell him I found a great product for great price and it will make me look super pretty) .. He is still confused as to what is going on.. When he finally understands ,  he thinks I am crazy for disturbing him with idea about spending money and that no cosmetics work .. Now he challenges a woman who “wants” to shop and he is not in favor of it .. That’s like telling a hungry lion not to enjoy the deer he just killed !! .. I mean I just spent the last 3 hours of my precious time, during which i could have slept to “RESEARCH” and my husband refuses it !!!  :@ 
Well we share loud “pleasant talks” and how he never let’s me spend and how I always want to spend and how i always spend and he doesn’t want me to .. We exchange some nice words ( certified R) .. And sleep at almost 1 am .. Just as I catch a wink , the baby is up and needs a feed and a diaper change .. All set and done .. It’s 1:45 am .. Time to sleep , more like collapse 🙂 .. 7 am the older one wakes up and wants mommy to brush his teeth and feed him breakfast .. My older son is super excited about a new day and I keep wondering ” WTF !! I am dead cause I was super busy doing positive computer stuff last night”.. I have the worst headache and puffy eyes from lack of sleep .. Husband has a headache from the last night disturbed sleep .. Later during the day I look up webMD , my symptoms tell me lack of sleep .. And I look more.. the lack of sleep, it takes a till on the skin and complexion ( which could have been avoided had I slept on time in the first place) .. And all the time I spent on the computer …. Final result .. No freakin’ clue about blogging  !! .. Just a f’ing headache all day !!! 
By talker blogger Posted in Chaos

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