Essie Winter 2014 Upcoming Collection

Well well well.. It’s time to start looking forward to the upcoming collections!

As we step into September, I start smelling the pumpkin spice and cinnamon already. The Summer is not over yet but I am ready for fall/winter!!

Hitting stores October 2014, is the Essie Winter 2014 Collection, with 6 new shades.


Misconceptions about Veganism Part 2

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I am not an animal rights activist, but this is painful

Originally posted on Leila Lina:

This is a continuation of my “Misconceptions about Veganism” series in which I address some of the most popular questions and skeptical remarks about veganism. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

Let’s continue!

What’s wrong with Eggs and Dairy? Obtaining these products doesn’t harm the animal.

These industries cause just as much pain and suffering as the meat industry, if not more. Cows are forcibly impregnated each year for their entire lives. Mother cows form an immediate and strong bond with their calves. But their babies are repeatedly stolen away from them so that humans can drink their milk. If the calf is female, she is destined to become a dairy cow like her mother. If he is male, he is locked in a small crate, fed a cheap formula made of slaughter byproducts, and is slaughtered for veal after a few miserable, lonely months…

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Win Autographed Make-up by ONE DIRECTION

With over 32 million Facebook likes and over 106 million combined Twitter followers, One Direction is not only one of the world’s most famous musical groups but also a recognizable brand.

The limited edition in hitting Macy’s stores now and I urge you to grab one before they are sold out. Hey Hey Hey Ladies, you snooze you loose..Right !!
I recently reviewed their “THE LOOKS” Limited edition makeup collection, and now I present the chance to WIN a makeup set autographed by the group itself!!

Giveaway Details: To enter the giveaway you enter your email, like the FB page, & post to Twitter.Additional entries can be earned by referring friends, pinning on pinterest, or liking the Twitter page. The more entries the higher the chance of winning. Up to 50 limited edition makeup sets will be given away.




I wish you all a good luck and like I said, it’s out in Macy’s Stores now, get on and grab yours today!!


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NYX Born To Glow liquid Illuminator In Sunbeam & Gleam

Take a look at the video the started my obsession for a shimmer face product.

I have been looking for the one right product that will work with my skin tone without maximizing the look of pores or making it look like I fell face first into a glitter basket.

The lighter toned is Sunbeam (Left) and the Golden colored is Gleam (Right).
Capture that sexy glow with our lightweight, multi-functional illuminator. Use as a foundation base or over cheekbones, décolletage, or cupids bow for that refreshing luminosity that’ll have everyone talking.

Swatches in day light , indirect and direct:





I mixed a tiny drop of each to get this lovely peach golden shimmer: applied over foundation)



OVERALL: the Sunbeam is a sure hit for me, it added a nice shimmer skin shine rather than a glitter. The Gleam have the wonderful sun kissed look but it did accentuate the skin pores, so it’s a bit tricky. I did love the effect by combining the two. It’s a worth buy!

Dior 754 Pandore Nail Polish & Addict Fluid Stick


Some colors change with seasons, some follow the trend but some colors last forever, red’s and Pink’s are those eternal hues.

The Pandore, is amongst the Dior Color Perfection.
Nail polish shows 2 coats, great formula and easy application. This is the new Gel Formula everyone is talking about. I haven’t used it enough to comment on its durability but it’s impressive so far. Retails for $25 USD.





And ofcourse the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Pandore: Retails at $35 USD, First Reviewed Here.


The Dior Addict Fluid Sticks are truly addictive with most unique formula and the polishes are a sure indulgence, but we all deserve that piece of heaven sometimes, don’t we 😊

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick In Melted Ruby

I have been really curious about these “Melted” Liquid Lipsticks that I actually got one and have been using it for a while now.

Available in 10 colors and priced at $21 USD Each for a tube of 0.4oz they can sure be a bit tricky to justify the cost on the logical side of the mind.
So as usual .. Brain fart happened and I bought one! (And Am I glad?)

The shine of a gloss, lasting power of a stain, and pigment-packed color of a liquid lipstick, all in one high-impact formula. Bold, long-wearing color glides on cleanly with the precision tip applicator, delivering rich color with staying power.

This is a bright Red and my obvious choice of color (I can Never pass on a good Red) !


I must say that I am really impressed by its color intensity and staying power, amongst the best I have seen. I used it for a wedding recently and I don’t need a retouch for hours! It has a sponge tip applicator, so just squeeze the tube till you see the color at the sponge and glide over lip. Feels very natural and moisturizing, in my book it’s a sure pass!




After I was done taking pictures, I washed my hands and face while wiping lips, the lip color stayed. I also scrubbed with Vaseline and wiped again and the color tint was still there.. Now Vaseline removed all My lip colors not this one.


OVERALL: Must buy. If you don’t want to spend too much, i suggest buying the color that matches your most worn color , it will save you frequent retouching.
BTW : Read this article where this is the color picked for Fall 2014 By The New York Times

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette – Worth The Buy…?

Well,what more can I say but yes I caved 😕
I have been looking at this palette in stores and pretty much every blog, it was only matter of time before I fell to its temptation.
Now I have read mixed reviews, but sometimes you just don’t care anymore!
So well, here it is THE HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING PALETTE!!! , I purchased mine from Sephora for $58 USD.

This palette includes Incandescent Light (Center) a shade exclusive to this palette, and two existing shades, Dim Light (Left) and Radiant Light (Right). Pictures have been taken in different lights. The powder has been shown in






This is each color blended by a finger tip and then they all blended together :



OVERALL: The powders are super soft and blend so easy that all you need is a sweep across the face (no blending needed). My favorite and the most stunning of the 3 is Incandescent Light. However, the powders don’t work for my medium skin tone. I saw no noticeable effects, so my understanding is that’s probably more suited for lighter skins. All in all, probably NOT worth the hype.

The Looks – Limited Edition Makeup By One Direction

Hey friends!

I am super excited to share the One Direction “THE LOOKS” Limited Edition Makeup Collection.
Now it’s not released just yet but it will be hitting stores in a few days so you might want to book your calendars.
Now, the collection comes in a keepsake box and is aimed at your inner personality. With 3 styles and an included makeup illustrations it can’t be ignored.




Niall Horan from the group posted this picture on twitter a while back while the group was working on the collection :



I will be sharing the Up All Night Set:


EYE PALETTE: Swatches show Single deep swipe and then smudging with a finger…after I was done I was a me to clean my hands with a dry tissue, so I won’t call these smudge free or long lasting on their own.Colors are super pretty though.




LIPSTICK : Ok, this is how it came. I opened the lipstick and it was not attached to the base but to the lid and hence smudged. I don’t like this hot neon Barbie pink color. It’s definitely NOT a color for an adult, I’d rate it more teenage apt. This was super disappointing.


LIPGLOSS IN TAKEN: This is a bright pink lipgloss with suspended shimmer and it supposedly glows in black light. Now anytime I use a gloss with suspended shimmer, I don’t like it. It feels heavy and “cheap” quality to me. That’s my personal choice I don’t know how you all
Might approve of it. I have it applied over the lipstick and the bottom
Pictures show how I tried to run it off my hand and lips and I have this residue glitter .. Not glad.



STENCILS: They are simply 5 paper stencils. Just regular thick paper and not something that can be used multiple times unless applied with the dry body and eye crayon I am sharing next.


BODY AND EYE CRAYON: This is a teal blue crayon that can be used for erasable body art (with the stencils) or as eye crayon. Super nice color, soft and easy to apply. Sadly not long lasting and not waterproof.


MASCARA: It’s a pretty standard mascara, black in color and nothing special.


NAIL POLISH IN NA NA NA: the swatches show single and then triple coats. Easy to apply, sadly not the most unique color.


OVERALL: Fun collection but frankly speaking, I don’t like the quality.

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Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere Powder Makeup

This is the Longwear flawless sunscreen powder makeup with an SPF 15. For a Net Weight of 0.45Oz it costs $52.50, and I couldn’t be more glad. It’s available in 15 shades for perfect skin match.
Mine was purchased from Nordstrom.
It comes with a special face sponge that pick just the right product and renders a great medium/full coverage. Sponge makes it much easier to use and blend than a brush that usually comes with Chanel (or the other face compacts). It’s also much easier to get coverage on hard to reach face corners.
Within minutes, the powder embraces the skin like perfection.


Being very fine,the powder is very forgiving to application imperfections. And as always, it carries the fresh subtle Chanel fragrance.




This is a Without(L) and With (R) comparison, taken indoors with artificial light. Notice the subtle glow on skin with application:


OVERALL : It a definite investment, but I guarantee you are not going back. While in store, give it a try and you will be compelled to own it.

Dior Creme De Rose Soothing Plumping Lip Balm

Now one thing any women can’t ignore is owning a luxurious brand. The quality is great but the feeling of possession is better than an orgasm! (You know I’m right!)
I’m sharing the Dior Creme De Rose lip Plumping balm today, retailing at $26 USD for 0.25oz it’s definitely pricey.

The must have care for damaged lips. The lip balm allies the expertise of Dior research in nutrition to the delicate smoothness of rose petals. All its nourishing power comes from the rare and precious Damask Rose essential oil extract together with an anti-aging complex and Shea butter. Lips are instantly smoothed, moisturized, beautifully plumped and soft. Totally addictive!

The product is sheer and spreads to the most amazing Rose scented goodness. Instantly soothes dry parched Summer lips. However it doesn’t last too long. It’s great to apply under a lipstick or directly for moisturizing.





OVERALL: Super hydrating and absolute Rose petals on lips feeling. It works well but sadly doesn’t last any different than a chap stick like Burt bees… For the price and the packaging it’s a sure indulgence. My suggestion, try it once for sure.

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